Monday, May 30, 2011


some ideas to refresh your memory

2) How to construct congruent triangles based on SSS, SAS & ASA are best remembered by watching the experts at Math Open Reference (click on the letters)

3) Similar shapes are same shape but different sizes (angles must all be congruent). This is where we use ratios and proportions to solve.
How tall is the tree?

You can write a couple of different proportions, just keep numbers in proper relation to each other :
3/2 = 30/x


x/2 = 30/3

How about setting up scale models?
The Earth is 12,740 km across (diameter) , and the Moon 3474 km across.
A standard NBA basketball is 24 cm in diameter.
On average the moon is 380,000 km from the Earth.
How far away would a tennis ball Moon have to be from the basketball Earth to be to scale?

4) Some trigonometry

5) surface area and volume of shapes

6) Don't forget to look at transformations in your google docs & blog post

7) Of course there will be some data analysis questions

Friday, March 11, 2011